Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Tale of Two Brothers; Duncan & Douglas

These two brothers came in for seperate photo sessions a couple of weeks apart; Duncan is 18 months and Douglas just turned 6. I love their curls!
My husband used to have dark curls like these of Douglas'. When I told Douglas this I think he had a look on his face like I must be lying to him but he was too polite to say anything.....what a little gentleman!

The photo session wouldn't be complete without a close up of Lighting Man, he had stayed hidden in Douglas' pocket patiently waiting his turn to shine for the camera.

The Brady Bunch

I've known the Brady family for a LONG time; Kevin was the little brother to my high school classmate; Dan, and my husband's best friend classmate; Scott. A few years ago I never dreamt that I would become a person to put on around 2,000-2,500 miles on her bike each year! But that was before I was introduced to cycling through Kevin. It started innocently enough by attending "spin" classes taught by Kevin at the Dome over my noon hours and the next thing I knew I was buying a road bike. Now my two favorite material things are my faithful bike (with 13,000 plus miles) and my Nikon D7000 camera - life is good!

So it was a lot of fun to photograph the Brady family who I know so well.

I doubt if there is ever a dull moment in the Brady household - these kids love to have fun! I wish I was running a video camera so I could share Marissa's "lama dance" with everyone - she seriously needs to get this on YouTube, it would have a million hits!
And I must also mention that Laura Brady is the best massage therapist. And thank goodness she is there when I need her most - set up in camp with her massage table each day on the Tour de Kota bike ride!

I had to include this photo from last year's MS Ride; a 2 day, 150 mile ride to benefit the multiple sclerosis foundation. This is how I normally see the Bradys! Check out Biking Brady's blog here. I find it amazing that Kevin has commuted by bike to work for more than 1,000 consecutive days. After all, this is South Dakota!

Lincoln; the little man at 7 weeks old!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Think spring!

Winter has a tight hold on us here in the midwest but we were thinking spring in the studio this past weekend! These adorable children belong to Troy and Erika Hansen. Sam and Grace were ready to jump right into spring!

And here is the newest member of the family, little Lucy. Look at those blue eyes!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All of God's Grace in one little face.....

I've been working on my grandson, Noah's scrapbook this evening and came across these two photos from last September. They made me smile and I had to share them, after all it is my right as a proud grandmother! I love the power of photographs; they instantly take me back to these moments I want to always remember.........

and make me feel closer to those I love so much, as well as extremely blest!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My baby is getting married!

My baby is getting married! The wedding date is set for November 5, 2011 and this past week wedding dress shopping has commenced. Now it seems very real! Saturday I spent the day with both daughters attending appointments at a couple of bridal shops in Sioux Falls.....oh, what fun! Before we left Emily consented to a few photos - I think the bride-to-be is glowing!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Artticle about ME! in the Tri-County Newspaper

I was very honored to be featured in the January 26th edition of our local newspaper! Riva, who has taught photo journalism, connected with me so well and expressed so much better than I could, my passion for photography and my desire to help people by capturing a special person or moment. And Riva took several of my photos and displayed with the article, as well as some photos of me in my studio. Here is the article......

By Riva Sharples
The Tri-County News

Last fall, while attending a photography workshop in the Black Hills, Wakonda resident Cathy Logue met a woman who had resigned from her high-paying position in corporate business to pursue her passion, photography.

“Wow,” Logue remembers thinking. “She’s living the dream.”

Then, inspiration hit. Logue realized that she, too, could live her dream, at least in part.

Thus began a whirlwind of activity for Logue and her husband, Charlie, as they worked to create a photography studio in Wakonda for Logue.

The new studio, located in the former Anderson Produce building on Main Street, is an impressive, professional facility that features studio lights, backdrops, and props. Logue overhauled the building’s “egg room” to create the studio, stripping and re-finishing the wooden floor, painting the high tin walls on three sides, and completing a wall on another side to create a spacious and comfortable space.

When the Logues began the renovation project, there was a car sitting in the middle of the “egg room” and a garage door in one wall. Cathy and Charlie spent many hours transforming the space.

At first, Logue was interested in creating the studio for personal use.
“I wanted a place where I could shoot photos in the winter, when it was too cold to go outside,” Logue says.

Logue soon decided to go public with her studio after people started contacting her, requesting that she shoot their photographs. The more photographs she posted on Facebook and through her blog, the more people requesting her services.

Logue realized in creating her studio in Wakonda, she could offer a convenient, reasonably-priced service to area residents.

“It can be really expensive to go to a professional photographer and have your photo taken,” Logue says. “I don’t consider myself at the professional level. I’m still learning, so I can be reasonably priced.”

Logue charges $50 for a one-hour photography session for up to four people and one outfit change. Photographs captured during that session are then edited and burned onto a CD. Logue provides the CD and a copyright release to customers so that they can take the images and have prints made wherever they would like. Logue offers other packages, too, including a Birth to One Year package that documents infants at various intervals during the first year. There is no mileage charge for Logue to travel to locations within 30 miles of Wakonda, she says.

Logue, a Registered Nurse who has worked as an education coordinator for USD’s School of Medicine for 21 years, says she can afford to offer such a good deal to people because she is not quitting her day job. She has opened her studio so that she can pursue her passion for photography while sharing her talent with others.

“I just love photography,” says Logue. “I love working with people, especially. Capturing the emotions and getting a shot that leaps out at me is just so much fun.”

But it can also be incredibly time-consuming. In addition to time spent in the studio or on location capturing the images (Logue spends a minimum of one to two hours on most shoots), she also puts in many hours in her “digital darkroom,” where she uses computer software to crop, enhance, and perfect images before they are given to customers.

“I don’t think people realize how much time it takes after you shoot a photo,” says Logue. “I’ve spent many nights up until midnight working on images, when I’m a person who used to go to bed at 9 p.m.”

Still, Logue enjoys the work immensely. She says she has always enjoyed taking photographs. Her two children, Ashley and Emily who are both grown now, were well-documented through photos and video as they grew up. Logue has also been a passionate scrapbooker for years.

Her passion for photography blossomed in 2008 when her daughter Ashley got married and Logue bought a digital SLR (manual control) camera. At first, Logue jumped into landscape and wildlife photography (an area she still enjoys), but then she found herself drawn to people photography, particularly after her grandson, Noah, was born 10 months ago.

In 2009, Logue attended her first photography workshop. Since then, she’s sought out more education about studio lighting and photography through workshops, two photography groups in Vermillion, and a photography group in Yankton. Last fall, she took a photography trip/workshop to the Black Hills. This year, she plans to return. Logue has even been in touch with area photographers, from whom she gleans additional tips.

Logue’s specialty is infant and child photography. In her former career as a nurse at Pioneer Memorial in Viborg (where she worked for 10 years before going to USD), Logue worked with many labors and deliveries. She believes her time spent around newborns has made her a more patient and better photographer. During a photo session, Logue takes her time, working with the infant or child to help his or her personality shine, and taking lots of breaks along the way to play, eat, or just relax with the child.

Logue’s favorite place to photograph her subjects is on location, she says, where she finds people are more comfortable and natural in their own settings. But, she’s also happy to shoot subjects in her new studio, and she will photograph individuals or groups, from infants and children to high school seniors and families. This spring, Logue will be shooting her first wedding, too.

You can reach Cathy Logue (Photography by Cathy Jo) at 267-2754 or 661-3812.

Riva J. Sharples
Editor, Tri-County News
© Photography by Cathy Jo