Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miracle in the Making

I am so behind on my blogging.....what a busy fall with both my jobs; working at the USD School of Medicine and my photography business, plus our daughter's wedding! So there are my excuses, but I just noticed I had this "draft" that I had not published and it shows how far behind I got as Kristy and Luke, along with Ari, welcomed the arrival of Elyse Harper on Thursday, November 10th. Congratulations to you all! I will always remember Elyse's birthday as she shares her birthday with my husband Charlie.

My first maternity photo shoot! And Kristy made it so easy for me, she sent me ideas ahead of time and I did some research as well. What a fun afternoon in the studio!

As you can see, Ari, that it was a pretty fun time too. It is not every day he gets to paint his Mommy's tummy and then his own!

Kristy truly glows. And she and Luke are such wonderful parents. I can't wait to meet the newest addition in November!


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