Friday, May 13, 2011

Take Me Home, Country Roads

This is from a family photo shoot I did over Easter weekend. The family consisted of the parents and 5 siblings and their spouses. We did the traditional family shots; parents with children and parents with children and son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws. The weather wasn't the best for outdoor photos; cloudy, windy, and temps barely reaching 50 degrees. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun doing some shots of just the brothers and sisters with the farm place they grew up on in the background.
After taking the series of family photos, this gang was still going strong and didn't give me any grief when I told them (I'm rather bossy) we were heading 5 miles out into the country to get some more photos.
I think we definitely created some memories this day for this family. I was shooting from a distance and had the group walking away from me so I couldn't see their reactions when I asked them to walk towards the farm but I heard it was a "tender" moment. Thanks to Jennifer, the baby of the family (from one baby of the family to another), for coming up with the idea of a family photo shoot. Too often we don't get a family group photo until the funeral of one of the parents. I know that was the case with my family and my husband's family. Although we cherish those photos it is always a bit sad to think they were taken at the time of  a funeral. This fanily will have family photos with no negative memories linked to them!

The greatest compliment I have received to date in my photography venture came from this family, who said "Thank you so much for making our photo session FUN!"


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