Sunday, June 12, 2011

Growing up with horses - what a lucky little guy!

One of the best things about photography is getting to meet new people and learning a little bit about them during a photo session. Dillon and DeeDee are new to our community and they have a brand new member of their family; Teegan, who I recently had the pleasure to photograph.

From talking on the phone prior to the session to find out what they may like to incorporate to make the photo session more personal, I knew horses were an important part of their lives.

It made me reminise to my childhood. My Dad had a real desire for me to be a "horsewoman." There were the early morning riding lessons, the cowboy attire, the trail rides with the Vermillion saddle club, etc. I was a bit too timid to become real comfortable on a horse but I loved my horse Lightening and all the horses my brother had along the way; Peaches, Ginger, and Commanche. I just loved them more as an oversized pet, more than riding them :)

Teegan has some growing to do before he fills his Dad's cowboy boots and hat but he will be living every little boy's dream of being a genuine little cowboy!


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